Halloween Safety

Do not let your children wear dark colors that are hard to see at night; have them wear reflective tape; make sure that any masks do not impair vision , hearing or breathing; make sure that costumes are flame resistant, and fit well to avoid trips and falls. Always carefully look through their treats before they are allowed to eat any, and always keep candles away from kids. More CPSC Halloween Safety Tips

According to the CPSC, in 2011, more than 3,500 Halloween-related injuries were reported between October and November. Pumpkin carving is associated with the most injuries, however falls from costumes that don’t fit well and collisions from impaired vision is a safety concern as well as burns and lacerations. If you are a manufacturer of Halloween and holiday products do you know what your product related responsibilities are? Contact Ms. Mattiace today, toll free, at 877-481-0734.