October Safety Tip

Incredibly enough, Autumn is already upon us, and you have likely started thinking about pumpkins, pot pies, and trick-or-treating. BEWARE! October weather and shorter days can be a safety nightmare. Be sure and wear reflective tape if you run or bike. As for Halloween costumes, make sure that any masks used do not prevent full visibility, and be careful that costumes aren’t so long that a trip hazard exists. Check the CPSC’s recall list to make sure that you don’t use any recalled items. Always use burning candles in an occupied room and never let young children play near them. Think twice about bumpy hayrides that could potentially tip over. Accompany small children on their Halloween jaunts and always inspect all of their candy for small parts and other hidden dangers. IF IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT!

If you are a manufacturer, distributor, importer, or a retailer of Halloween products, do you know what your product safety responsibilities are? Don’t end up on the CPSC recall list; Contact Attorney Mattiace TOLL FREE today at 877-481-0734 and ask for a free consultation.