Firework Safety

The fourth of July is almost here. Fireworks are now legal in at least 26 states in the U.S.A. While the best way to protect your family is to leave fireworks to the professionals, some folks enjoy using fireworks at home. If you are one of them, please act wisely and check with your town to find out the specific laws for your area. Act with care! Continue reading

Hoverboard Safety

While hoverboards are enjoying incredible popularity right now, they do pose certain safety concern, and are currently under investigation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Dozens have caught fire, and fall injuries have been reported as well. If you decide to purchase a hoverboard, be sure and purchase from credible sources, and always wear protective gear, such as helmets, knee, and elbow pads. If you are a manufacturer, retailer, importer or distributor of toys and sporting equipment, do you know what your product safety responsibilities are? Don’t end up on the CPSC recall list; Contact Attorney Mattiace TOLL FREE today at 877-481-0734 and ask for a free consultation.